Dear friends,

We are all facing many challenges these days, causing us to make adjustments in new and difficult ways. On Thursday evening the City of Worcester declared a State of Emergency based on the risks of contagion.

Because of the seriousness of the corona virus, we have decided to cancel Meeting for Worship, at least for this week. Quarterly Meeting is also postponed. The safety of each other must be our first priority.

Recognizing that congregate worship is important for many of us, we encourage those interested to participate in a simultaneous remote worship service from home at our usual 11:00 time on Sunday morning.

Should you feel the need for personal contact or pastoral counseling, please feel free to call me at 978-503-8225 or Daron Barnard at 508-854-4792.

Additional on line resources and opportunities may be found at this site:

Yours in service,

Matt Shorten, Clerk

Please join us for meeting for worship Sundays at 11:00 A.M.

901 Pleasant Street
Worcester, MA 01602

Feel free to contact us at info@worcesterfriendsmeeting.org or 508-754-3887.

  • The meetinghouse is handicapped accessible
  • Childrens’ program: 11 A.M. (childcare year-round, program during school year)
  • Business meeting: 2nd Sunday each month at 9 A.M.
  • Potluck lunch: 12.15 P.M. every Sunday
  • Meeting HouseIf you have never attended a Quaker Meeting for Worship before, you may be interested in knowing how we worship. Worcester Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed, non-pastoral Meeting. This means that there is no set readings or hymns and that no pastor or minister leads us in worship. Our meetings are spent in silence, with the silence being broken verbally by those present when the Spirit moves them to do so. We sit in a circle together, sharing the silence for about an hour, seeking direct communion with God.