A Special Message for Families.

Children are very welcome at Worcester Friends Meeting!

Young Friends are valued contributors to the life of the Meeting.
They help to plan and carry out many of the activities of the Meeting.
Children are welcomed in worship and sit with the adults during the
beginning and ending minutes of worship; on 5th Sundays, we hold
intergenerational worship with a brief program led by the First Day
School class. Adults enjoy the participation and perspective of the
young Friends, and consequently the young Friends grow from
participating in respectful interactions with adults.

The Meeting has an active First Day School for school-age
children. We offer a weekly program during the school year. The
programs offered are designed to build community among the young
Friends as well as to explore what it means to live as Quakers in
today’s world.

For younger children, childcare is offered every week. School-age
children join in the play in the summer.

The New England Yearly Meeting makes a major commitment to
ministering to the needs of our children, teens and young adults.
Starting in elementary school, children may participate in the youth
programs offered by the New England Yearly Meeting. During the
summer, many children choose to attend NEYM’s Friends Camp, in
China, Maine. The Yearly Meeting’s thoughtful and inclusive youth
programs play an integral role in supporting and nurturing our young
Friends. For more information about the NEYM programs and
Friends Camp, please see http://www.neym.org/organization/youth-programs.